Why hire a doula, anyway?

When women seek me out, often they don't understand clearly what a doula can and will do for them. They may wonder why their partners or mothers cannot take care of the things a doula does -- and, in the case of first babies, Moms simply may not know what the birth process is like. 

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Childbirth is a transformative, intense experience that will influence the way you see yourself as person, the way you raise your child, and how you interact with the world. Having a memorable, positive birth experience helps to give you the confidence you need to get through early motherhood years. This is the essence of the "doula advantage."

Your doula will provide continuous, caring support during labor, all with the goal of realizing the birth of your dreams. The doula gives you

  • wisdom and guidance that comes from having attended many births and seen what it takes to make things go well
  • continuous support during labor -- being all on-call as much as 5 weeks for each client, available by phone or email
  • hands-on care as you give birth -- not just massage, but support of a kind that transcends emotion and touch
  • advocacy with doctors, nurses, and other birth professionals -- not to create conflict, but to guide the experience in the way that will suit you best
  • postpartum engagement and care, to help you make the transition from birth to mothering
  • referrals to professionals who can meet all of your birth-related needs 

Every woman has personal preferences and needs during birth. Some women will want a more experienced doula, while others prefer someone young and new to the practice. Some women will connect with doulas from the same background, while others will enjoy a doula completely different from themselves.

The best way to understand what you can get from a doula is through a face-to-face meeting and sharing of ideas. Know what you want and need, and find the person who can provide it.

The result will be an experience that will literally change your life! 

Meet with All Moons Doulas during Friday evening Tea & Talk sessions in Union, NJ. The visit is free -- write to Angela to learn more.