Doula training & mentorship

Angela (center) with All Moons doulas in training -- Karina and Aimee

Angela (center) with All Moons doulas in training -- Karina and Aimee


Welcome to a unique way ...

to get trained as a cdoula and start working right away. All Moons training will prepare you practically, emotionally and spiritually for the demands and wonders of being a professional labor companion.

The All Moons Doula Training inspires each doula student to become an AUTHENTIC professional birth doula by providing an EXTENSIVE doula training filled with COMPREHENSIVE education and UNIQUE methodology.

At All Moons, we seek to

  • inspire each doula to be her more AUTHENTIC self so she can deeply honor her clients’ particular needs

  • guide and support each doula with an EXTENSIVE program that will provide the readiness every doula desires to have upon her graduation

  • provide a COMPREHENSIVE education that will qualify each doula to handle the demands of the profession and give a clear understanding of her role in the birth team

  • explore together the UNIQUE ways to provide support and healing to clients by combining traditional tools and technology

Why is training with All Moons the right option for you? 

  • The program is designed by a very experienced doula who has traveled over bumpy roads on her own and now wants to offer you the shortcut to an easy, joyful way to be a practicing doula.

  • Our curriculum is based on being honest with both student doulas and their future clients. It is in-depth, touching all aspects of the doula life in a timeframe that allows your inner doula to be developed and refined.

  • Our unique mentorship support system is welcoming, generous and inspirational, providing each student with the feeling of competence that every doula needs to succeed on her journey as a birth warrior.

  • All Moons welcomes diversity in all levels. During the program, you will touch the diversity in you and gain tools to support the diversity that each client will bring to your practice.

  • All Moons training is a personal growth process for the student doula. During the four months of becoming an All Moons doula, the student will explore what makes her a doula, what skills she wants to develop, and what gifts she wants to bring to the profession -- receiving guidance from a seasoned doula.

  • You will feel completely prepared for your role as a professional doula upon the conclusion of the four months of training and four completely supervised first births.

  • Continuing support is offered by our low-cost membership program, with monthly circles, online help, and advanced mentorship programs.

  • At All Moons, we understand that the urge to become a doula does not always come at convenient times. We offer payment plans, partial payments by service trading, and extended deadlines for assignment conclusion. Moms with infants are welcome.

  • We have a Scope of Practice and Code of Ethics that allows every doula to develop her own doula style without compromising the commitment of being extremely responsible and respectful, delivering excellent services to her clients and working with other professionals

Who are the All Moons Doulas? 

Our doulas are ...

  • Women completely devoted to supporting mothers during the process of becoming a mother -- laboring and delivering their babies and adjusting to the highly challenging times of early motherhood.

  • Women whose biggest ambition is to provide a good living for themselves and their families while delivering outstanding, heartfelt services to mothers and their families.

  • Women with a never-ending desire to improve themselves, learn new ways of doing things, changing their minds and facilitating inner growth in other women.

  • Women who believe there is a better way and go out of their way to make it happen.

  • Women who care and practice self care.

  • Women who believe in teamwork, who want to learn from others and generously want to share their skills.

How can you become an All Moons Doula? 

We offer an extensive four-month training consisting of :

  • monthly all-day group training on Sundays

  • two 1/2 day monthly group trainings

  • weekly individual meeting with your mentor

  • presencial mentorship for the first 3 births

  • supervision to all births that you will attend as a Sharing Call Doula

  • continuous support and supervision to all clients

  • monthly doula support group for refining your practice, relieving your stress and reflecting about the births you attended

  • freedom to offer additional services to the clinic's client

  • built in clientele

What we expect from each participant:

  • Commit to being on the sharing schedule for one year

  • Attend all classes, workshops and meetings

  • Follow the All Moons Doula etiquette

  • Complete all assignments, including book reading, website research, reports to the mentor, and attending some complementary workshops and classes as suggest by the mentor.

  • Be on call at least 24 hours a week.