Being a 21st-century woman requires power and peace

  Angela Lessa (photo by 13th and Madison)

Angela Lessa (photo by 13th and Madison)

In the past, new mothers had the support of wise relatives and friends living nearby -- women (and men) who had raised their own children and could share remedies and tips passed down through the generations.

Western culture today expects mothers to get by with much less. Relatives and close friends live far away and are too busy to help. And time-honored tips and solutions have been replaced by hastily dispensed prescriptions and too-brief visits to impersonal clinics.

The very demanding and emotional process of giving birth and caring for a newborn remains unchanged; and without proper guidance and support, problems -- from breastfeeding difficulties to postpartum depression -- can quickly set in. What is a 21st-century Mom to do?

Through one-on-one consultation, group learning sessions, workshops, and more, Angela Lessa -- assisted as needed by trusted colleagues in related disciplines -- creates a program of support that fits the needs of each new mother and baby, and the family they belong to. She fills the gaps of learning and support left by cookie-cutter medical approaches. Her services include

* birth planning

* labor support

* breastfeeding counseling

* postpartum guidance

* family dynamics assessment

* cultural issues related to birth and motherhood (specializing in South American concerns)

About Angela Lessa

Angela is the mother of four children and has attended hundreds of births as a doula. She is expert in getting to the root causes of new-Mom issues, taking a holistic view of the factors that may contribute to breastfeeding problems, postpartum blues, and stressful family interactions.

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Angela is a passionate advocate for women’s empowerment through birth and motherhood. She helps New Moms and their partners imagine and realize the birthing experience they wish for, and give their babies a beautiful start in life -- physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Continuing her family’s practice of traditional healing through herbal remedies and spiritual and emotional support, Angela focuses on the natural forces and processes often overlooked by Western medicine. She studied with Ina May Gaskin, a leader in the natural birth movement, as well other renowned names -- Sheila Kitzinger, Karin Caldwell (Healthy Children), Virginia Bobro (Birthing from Within), Christine Novak (Health Connect One), Debra Bonaro (DONA), Fadynha (ANDO-Brazil), Barbara Harper (Waterbirth International), and Zee Ifan (Princeton Medical Center/WIC Program). She has also been influenced by the philosophies of Bert Hellinger, Edward Bach, and Robert Bruce Newman.

Angela was born and raised in Brazil and serves women who speak English, Portuguese, and Spanish. She is well versed in the problems faced by Moms and Dads living thousands of miles from their support systems and familiar cultures.

Photo at right by Aimee Lorena