The sacred placenta

It wasn't until I gave birth for the fourth time that I got a chance to experience the benefits of placenta for postpartum recovery. Even though I was just a few months away from turning 40, Idefinitely had the fastest recovery of any of my pregnancies. During the first exhausting weeks after delivering, I had the highest post-partum energy levels I had ever experienced; and, after an early breastfeeding complication,  my milk supply went back to full and stayed that way for 50 months! I also experienced no mood swings, irritability, or lack of confidence in my ability to care for my baby.

Since then, I urge all my doula clients, prenatal yoga students, and any pregnant women I get in contact with to preserve their placentas. There are many ways to consume your placenta, with encapsulation being the most popular one. You can also ingest it raw in small pieces, make a smoothie out of it, or cook it into a recipe!


What are the benefits of consuming your placenta?
    •    increased energy level
    •  stronger milk supply
    •    fewer mood swings
    •    quicker healing
    •    decreased postpartum depression
    •    less irritability
    •    faster libido recovery
    •    restored iron levels

No matter how you decide to enjoy the benefits of your placenta,  ingesting this amazing organ will help you feel more available for caring for your baby.

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