About All Moons services

You can choose an All Moons doula package to fit your needs and budget, working directly with Angela. You will enjoy the benefits of All Moons' unmatched commitment to new mothers and their families, deeply enhancing your birth and motherhood experience.

In New Jersey, All Moons partners with Midwifery Arts of NJ (Traci Morris, midwife) of Union. Payment plans and custom packages are descried below.

  Photo by 13th and Madison

Photo by 13th and Madison

Complete Doula package

  • Two 120-minute prenatal in-home visits to get to know your doula and discuss all aspects of the birth experience: Labor coping techniques,  family special needs and requests, feelings towards motherhood in general, optimal ways to take advantage of the doula services, and myths surrounding labor and delivery
  • Ability to call the doula anytime during pregnancy when support is needed right away; prompt responses to non-urgent questions by email or text during business hours
  • Continuous labor support, from early labor at your home to up to two hours after delivery; after birth, helping mommy and baby with adjustments such as first feeding and family bonding 
  • Postnatal in-home spa visit: Herbal sitz bath or foot soak, organic soup and herbal tea, shoulder and neck massage, centering meditation; session also includes initial feeding assessment and baby tips

In addition, clients of Midwifery Arts of NJ receive the following:

  • Four-week membership for Support Groups and introductory Prenatal Yoga class
  • Gift certificates for maternity photos and massage therapy mini-sessions
  • Lactation education - two-hour group class covering key aspects of breastfeeding success
  • Postpartum preparation -  two-hour group class providing insights and practical tips for a great first 6 weeks of motherhood
  • Partner and/or family member labor and postpartum guidance

Price: $1,800*

Premium Doula package

  • One 60-minute prenatal visit(out of home)
  • Continuous hospital labor support, from admission until up to two hours after delivery
  • One 45-minute postpartum visit (out of home)
  • Two-week membership for Support Groups

Price: $1,200*

"911" Doula


* For clients who only decide that they want a Doula after 38 weeks of pregnancy
* Continuous hospital labor support, from admission to up to two hours after delivery
Price: $ 950*

* NOTE: All Moons prices assume locations within 10 miles of Union, NJ. Fees may be adjusted for greater distances. All Moons also works with Mater to provide birth services in New York City (call for NYC prices).