The Prenatal Breastfeeding Talk


This is the All Moons version...

of the traditional breastfeeding class offered by many hospitals. Experience has shown that general information about breastfeeding does not prepare women for the reality of doing it when baby is in your arms.

Prior to the 120-minute private consultation, we will send you a questionnaire that will give us an understanding of your beliefs about breastfeeding, general knowledge, and expectations.

During the warm-up visit, we will prepare you for the most common challenges of breastfeeding, navigating with you through ways to prevent and overcome them. By understanding  your family lifestyle and  specific needs, cultural beliefs, and environmental influences, we will help you get ready for the predictable challenges and unexpected turns your breastfeeding might take. We will take into account factors such as support, birth experience, hospital policies, and common demands of the society we live in.

Here some topics typically covered during the Prenatal Breastfeeding Talk:

  • preparing the family for breastfeeding
  • finding the right information about breastfeeding options
  • learning how practically to prepare yourself for breastfeeding
  • developing a realistic breastfeeding plan
  • involving the whole family in the process
  • optimizing your chances to breastfeed in the first hour after birth
  • preparing your home for breastfeeding
  • setting yourself mentally for the dedication that breastfeeding requires
  • navigating hospital routines so they do not sabotage breastfeeding
  • managing the first 48 hours
  • pumping effectively
  • resting between feedings
  • handling night feedings
  • learning why support is so important
  • fitting breastfeeding into your busy schedule

The best time to have this consultation is between 34 and 37 week of pregnancy -- but schedule it earlier if possible, since spots fill up quickly.