Back-to-work guidance & support


Have all of your questions answered ...

by someone who has helped hundreds of women on the transition from home to work after baby's birth. With our support, you can build the confidence you need to succeed in the challenge of continuing breastfeeding after going back to work. We will take into consideration all special needs and situations before offering you guidance.

Our discussion during this consultation will focus on:

  • your goals and desires for this new phase of your breastfeeding experience
  • realistic expectations and the real mom in the real work reality -- how breastfeeding can work in your work environment, maintaining your baby as a priority without damaging your business relationships
  • goals for a working mom
  • guilt-free solutions that will benefit all
  • self-care for the working mom you are
  • keeping your milk supply 
  • changes in baby's behavior and feeding patterns -- how to identify what is normal and what could be a red flag
  • best ways to pump and milk extraction options

This consultation is best done two weeks before going back to work; our service also includes phone and text support during the first two weeks after you return to work.