All Women's Moons

Photo by Daniel Vergara

Photo by Daniel Vergara


All Moons is the birth of a new way to support women -- through all phases of their lives. 

From preconception, through pregnancy and birth, from postnatal weeks and early motherhood to the change and wisdom years, All Moons helps women  welcome the phases of their  lives in a powerful way. 

Connecting the  transitions women have already mastered to the ones ahead of them, All Moons offers each woman unique guidance that involves physical, emotional, and practical inspiration -- leading to a more fulfilled, joyful and healthy life style. 

All Moons circles and classes are designed to provide a variety of options, allowing each woman to choose among yoga, support groups, individual consultations, dance, singing and writing circles, workshops and meditation -- creating her own path to more mindful, balanced living.

Identify your phase and take the first step today towards a more authentic you.

Preconception Phase - The Dream Moon

This phase invites the young woman to plant the first seeds of all things she dreams of birthing in life. Guided meditation, yoga, and writing circles will inspire women in this life phase to organize, prepare, and understand what they are planning to birth -- either a baby or a life project.

Pregnancy Phase - The Full Moon

Welcoming women in all stages of pregnancy, All Moons offers a complete pregnancy service that includes birth consultation, prenatal yoga, childbirth, breastfeeding and baby care classes, doula services, support groups, meditation, and nutrition counseling.
Angela and her highly qualified community midwives and doulas deliver an outstanding support program that  supports all aspects of each woman.

Postpartum Phase - The New Moon

For many women, postpartum is the most challenging phase of all. This transition requires a lot of support, self care, and rest. At All Moons, our multidisciplinary team of experts is ready to support new moms with breastfeeding challenges through home visits, breastfeeding support groups, nutrition, postnatal yoga, baby tips, infant massage, self-care programs, baby proofing your relationship, new family adjustment, emotional balance, and support in making decisions about staying home or going back to work.

The Change Phase - The Crescent Moon (Premenopausal phase)

My former pregnancy clients  have begun to come back to me during the phase of their change -- and, happily, some never left. I decided to expand my practice and offer support and information that leads each woman to liberation and empowerment during this change, breaking the stigma of menopause and finding the joy of this phase of their lives. Meditation, workshops, circles, and yoga are some of the tools I use to guide and support women thru the beauty of this phase.