The doula & the midwife

Angela Lessa (left) and midwife Traci Morris (right) visit with a client

Angela Lessa (left) and midwife Traci Morris (right) visit with a client


The midwife-doula partnership lies at the heart …

of our special approach to birth and health. Through the team of Angela and midwife Traci Morris (Midwifery Arts of NJ), we create a special rapport with patients, based on care for the physical, emotional, and spiritual selves. Only when all three are healthy and aligned can women feel comfortable with themselves.

Angela, Traci, and their carefully chosen colleagues have been immersed in the experiences, emotions, and challenges of birth for decades. We assume that your birth will be not just safe, but awesome -- and we will do everything we can to be sure that your ideal birth comes to life.

Our midwives handle the medical aspects of birth from pre-conception to delivery, and beyond. We monitor your health closely without overwhelming or disenfranchising you. We are fully in charge of your health during delivery -- at home, in a birthing center, or at a hospital. We demystify the seemingly impenetrable world of medical practice so that you can be in charge of your own birth.

Our doulas take care of your body, heart, and soul through the birth process. All Moons doulas are your advocates, your coaches and cheerleaders, and your wise older sisters who know just the right things to say, just the right muscles to rub.