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What can Angela do for you?

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Doulas are well known and praised for their ability to empower women at every stage of the birth process. They make pregnant women feel ready for birth, laboring women relaxed and empowered, and postpartum women supported and cared for.

Angela has a remarkable ability to help women connect -- with their babies, their bodies, and their own intuitive wisdom.  She helps women with every aspect of birthing and being a new Mom, providing just the services you need, when you need them.


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Be at your best when inviting the new soul to your life

Many women seek out a doula even before they become pregnant. Angela will help you feel ready to welcome the new life into your womb, providing clear information, knowing support, and intuitive guidance. 

Think of it as inviting a very special visitor to your house. You want to be sure the home is neat and tidy, put flowers on the table, prepare an impressive meal or snack, and serve a refreshing or comfy drink. Emotionally and spiritually, Angela helps you make the same kinds of preparations for your child-to-be.


Enhance your chances of having a positive birth experience

Angela will design a personalized consultation that will prepare you to take charge of your birth experience -- covering key topics such as birth and bodily functions, preparing your family for a new member, patients' rights, accommodating cultural beliefs, and emotional needs during labor. Together with your midwife and/or health care provider, Angela will help put you on the best path towards the birth experience of your dreams.

This service can be accessed monthly, as part of a labor doula package, or as  a single-visit consultation/class.


Receive the care you deserve from an expert who respects and understands your desires

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As your Labor Doula, Angela will be present and in your corner throughout labor. She will be observing all aspects of your birth scenario, helping you feel comfortable, relaxed, respected, honored, supported -- and involved in all decisions. At any given time, Angela may be offering deep massage, talking you through a contraction, making sure you have the food and water you need, consulting with the midwife and other professionals, and providing guidance from her deep experience. 

But, to some extent, describing the importance of a doula at your birth is like trying to explain magic. You will feel it, experience it -- the touch, the respect, the smile, the right word, the space that was held...  The doula fills a role that doctors, spouses, grandmothers, and even midwives are too busy or simply not qualified to handle.


"It takes a village"

The illusion that new mothers are self-sufficient to the point of not needing the support of other wise women -- especially during the first 6 weeks after birth -- is one the biggest misconceptions among modern women today. You will need someone to remind you to take your vitamins, to prepare you an herbal bath, to bring you snacks, water, and tea. Someone to hold the baby so you can finish your breakfast, relieve your engorged breast, take a nap, stretch, take a look at the older child's homework. Angela offers complete postpartum care, using her expertise in breastfeeding as a plus.

Photo by 13th and Madison

Photo by 13th and Madison

In addition to basic in-person care, Angela also can provide freshly prepared, nutritious soups and teas; all-day spas; womb healing; a life habits review; art therapy; journaling; meditation and yoga (group or one on one); and Bach flower remedies and herbs.


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